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Test your "Laws of the Game" knowledge at's "YOU MAKE THE CALL" video site.

Referees, players, coaches and soccer aficionados can dissect plays, make calls and test their referee skills on’s “You Make the Call” interactive video site. The presentation allows referees of all ages and grade levels to reinforce their knowledge of “The Laws of the Game,” while allowing players, coaches and fans to put themselves in the referee’s place and learn more about the reasoning behind decisions that officials make.

Users are able to watch a video clip of a foul, along with a summary of the incident. The user is given four choices as to what the referee's decision should be. Upon submitting an answer, players will get a summary of the results, the reason for the decision according to "The Laws of the Game," and a short explanation of the correct answer.

"You Make the Call" is an excellent learning tool for young referees who are still becoming familiar with "The Laws of the Game." It not only allows young referees to see the foul in real time, as well as replays, it explains the correct decision, as well as why the other options are not correct, specifically citing "The Laws of the Game."

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