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1. The home team is responsible for 100% payment of referee fees unless the game being played is a rescheduled game due to the original game having been deemed unplayable, by the referees, due to poor field conditions. Games rescheduled for the above reason are rescheduled to be played at the original visiting team’s home fields with the original home team responsible for payment of the referee fees at the rescheduled game.

WSSL Referee Fees:
U7-U8: $25
U9-U10: $30/$20/$20
U11-U12: $35/$25/$25
U13-U14: $40/$30/$30
U15-U16: $50/$35/$35
U17/U19: $55/$40/$40
U17/U19 Small-sided: $35/$25/$25

Law 5. The Referee

All referees will be registered with USSF through the State Referee Association. No person shall officiate as a referee or assistant referee in any match under the sanction or jurisdiction (direct or indirect) of the WSSL who is not registered. Referee is appointed and paid by the home team’s club and paid according to the WSSL pay schedule. (See Statute A #12)
The referee’s jurisdiction shall be empowered either on the field of play or in the vicinity of the field at all times, prior to, during and after the game.
A referee shall not officiate any game in which a relative is engaged as a team participant. A three official diagonal system shall be utilized for U9-U19 games. In the event that less than three officials are present, the referee shall appoint club linesmen as required (See Statute A #12). U7-U8 games may be played with one referee.
The referee shall be at least one year older than the oldest player and be professionally dressed in full uniform.
Prior to the start of the match, the referee shall verify the identity of the players, coaches, managers and team officials; and shall make sure that each player’s equipment is in proper order.
Prior to the start of the match, the referee shall make sure all goal nets and corner flags are properly installed, anchored and in proper repair, that the field has the proper markings and the ground is fit for play.

If the designated referee has not reported to the field within 15 minutes of the scheduled starting time, the opposing coaches may appoint a referee that is satisfactory to both coaches. In the event both coaches do not agree on an alternate referee, then the match shall be rescheduled (see pre-game rules #3). In the event the referee reports after the game has started, it shall be the discretion of both coaches to permit the referee to take charge of the game. However, the game shall in no event be restarted.

Law 6. The Assistant Referees

U7-U8 Assistant referees are not required (the offside rule is not enforced).
An assistant referee shall not officiate any game in which a relative is engaged as a player or coach, unless acting as a club linesman when duly appointed by the referee.
Assistants should be professionally dressed in full uniform.
In the absence of the appropriate number of assistant referees, the center referee will appoint club assistant referees who may be recruited from any spectators present. Club assistant referee are only responsible for calling whether a ball crosses the sideline or goal line, not the direction of the restart or any fouls.

WSSL Law Statute A: #5.

In the event a game is canceled less than 24 hours before kickoff, the referee crew will still receive full payment.

WSSL Law Statute A: #12. 

In the case where a game does not have the required three officials arrive to officiate:

A. If two officials arrive for a game, one will serve as the center referee and the other as an assistant referee. A club assistant referee will be recruited from the spectators attending, with the visiting team being asked first if they'd like to provide one. The absent third official's fees will be split 50/50 between the two certified officials in attendance. The club assistant referee will not be paid.

B. If one official arrives for a game, they will serve as the center referee and two club assistant referees will be recruited from the spectators attending, with each team being asked to provide one apiece. The absent officials' fees will both go to the lone certified official in attendance. The club assistant referees will not be paid

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