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1.  Referees must receive a game card from both teams prior to beginning the game. It is the responsibility of the coach to document all players/team officials sitting out suspensions due to red/yellow cards, team discipline, injuries, etc. Teams must be on opposite sidelines. Spectators must take the same sideline as their respective team.

2.  Prior to the start of the game, the referee will collect the game fees from each team (each team pays 1/2 the fees). Referee fees will remain consistent and a three-man system will be in effect for all games. In cases where fewer than three referees show for the assigned game, club linesmen will be assigned by the referee or senior lines person as required. Game times and fees for the age group are as follows:

      NOTE: Referees get paid even if the game is cancelled at the game site.

3.  After the game,the referee will complete the game report by listing all the yellow and red cards in the proper column after the player or coach name. Proper USSF misconduct codes can be found at the bottom of the game report. Red /yellow cards MUST be explained on the back of the game card that is mailed to MSPSP.

4.  If either team provides a duplicate copy of the game card and requests a version for their own records the referee may transcribe all relevant details to the team copy.

5.  The referee will fill in the final score and print their names clearly. Both team coaches will check the game report for accuracy and sign the report that is submitted to MSPSP.

6. The referee will mail one copy of the game report in the stamped addressed envelope provided by the home team within 24 hours after the game.

Cancelled Matches:

  • If the game is cancelled prior to the start of the match by the facility (park, school, etc.) no referee fees will be collected.
  • If the referee deems the field unplayable, both teams will pay the full referee fees. The game report should also be signed and mailed to MSPSP explaining the field condition.
  • If one team does not show for a scheduled match (or not enough players) the referee should check in all players present and submit the game report to MSPSP. No referee fees shall be collected.
  • Referees not paid at the game site due to forfeiture or team(s) not in attendance will be paid by MSPSP once the game report has been received.
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