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Recreational Tournament Rules

Updated May 2023

Questions during the tournament should be directed to John Turck, Director of Rec Soccer, at 734-945-2991. These rules should be considered complementary, where not explicitly stated, to the existing Saline FC Rec League Rules.

Gameplay Details:

Length of games:

  • U6 games will be 24 minutes long (4 quarters of 8 minutes)
  • U8 games will be 40 minutes long (4 quarters of 10 minutes)
  • U10 games will be 50 minutes long (4 quarters of 12.5 minutes)
  • U12 games will be 60 minutes long (4 quarters of 15 minutes).
  • U14 games will be 60 minutes long (4 quarters of 15 minutes).
  • Open Coed games will be 70 minutes long (two 35-minute halves).


  • U6 and U8 will play with a size 3 ball (can be size 4 in U8, if both coaches agree)
  • U10 and U12 will play with a size 4 ball
  • U14 and Open will play with a size 5 ball.

Substitutions: must be made from the center line, and are unlimited; however they can be made only at the following times and under the following conditions:

  • After a goal is scored
  • Prior to restarting the game with a goal kick by either team or a throw-in has been awarded for the team in possession of the ball.
  • At half time. Referee notification is only required for a goalkeeper substitution at this time.
  • When play is stopped for an injured player. Only the injured player may be substituted, the opposing team may substitute one if so desired.
  • For a player who has just received a yellow card, but only if the game has not been restarted.
  • To preserve time, goalkeeper substitution will be allowed only if substitute comes from the bench and is ready immediately, exception: during play only in the event of an injury to the goalkeeper.

Protests: No protest or appeals will be allowed. In all cases, the ruling of the referee is final.

Ejections: A player who is sent off (red card) for persistent infringement of the laws of the game, after receiving a caution will have to sit out one game. A player/coach/assistant/manager, etc. who is sent off (red card) for serious foul play or violent conduct, or foul or abusive language will have to sit out 2 games. If the occurrence is during the semi-final or final game the player/coach/assistant/manager, etc. will have to sit out the rest of the tournament.

Rule changes: FIFA laws will apply to all games unless otherwise specified within these tournament rules.

All starting kicks, restarts and free kicks are indirect; opponents must be at least 8 yards from the ball at the time of the kick. Penalty kicks are direct kicks, and the ball is spotted at least 8 yards from the center of the goal line. Goalkeepers may distribute the ball the entire length of the field including directly into the opponent's penalty area.

Game Clock: The game clock will not be stopped because of an injury to any player unless, at the discretion of the referee, the injured player must be removed from the field by medical personnel. due to the time allowed for completion of all games, the clock runs continuously.


Mini Kickers:
Mini Kickers will have their usual session of one hour (no referee).

Will split their teams in halves and play their opponents in two games.

U8, U10, and U12:
Each team plays two games.

U14 Coed:

Each team plays one game.

Open Division:

This team splits up and plays one game.

In case of a tie, the tie will be recorded as the end score.

Tournament Logistics:

Tournament Check-in: All teams (Coach or Manager only) are required to Check-in for the tournament at the headquarters pavilion on the north end of the field before their first game.

Game Check In/Check Out: Teams must be at the field 10 minutes prior to the game ready to play for all subsequent games.

Teams and Coaches will be stationed on the side of the field opposite the spectators.
Forfeits: A maximum 5-minute grace period will be allowed after scheduled kick-off time before the game is awarded to an opponent. In U8 through U10 games, 5 players constitute a team. For U12, U14 and Open, 7 players constitute a team.

Inclement weather: Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams MUST appear on the field of play, ready to play as scheduled. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the game. Only referees and/or Tournament Director can cancel or postpone a game. If games a canceled due to dangerous weather, the Director of Rec will communicate plans for a makeup for the tournament, if any.

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