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Recreational Referee Fees


  • Each head coach receives a check at the Coach Meeting for the regular season games. This covers the season-long referee fees for the team.
  • Referees should be paid in cash before the game.
  • Each coach pays ONE HALF of the referee fee(s). For the U12Coed, U14Coed and the Open Divisions, each coach pays ONE assistant referee and HALF of the center referee fee.
  • In the event of a no-show referee, each coach is on the “honor” system for returning the unpaid referee fee to Saline FC.  NO FEES are to be paid to parent volunteers who step in to cover for a referee no-show. If your replacement referee is a USSF*-certified referee, payment may be made.

Referee Payment schedule: 

 Center Referee Fee
Assistant Referees
 Coach Check Amount
 U6 Coed 8$14 (each team pays one
of the two referees)
Parent Volunteer
 U8 Boys
 U8 Girls

 8$16 (each team pays 1/2
of the Center Referee)
 Parent Volunteer $64
 U10 Boys
 U10 Girls

 8$18 (each team pays 1/2
of the Center Referee)
  Parent Volunteer $72
 U12 Coed
 U14 Coed

 8$26 (each team pays 1/2
of the Center Referee)
 $15 (each team pays one
of the two Assistant Referees)
 Open Coed
 8$36 (Paid by the coach)
 $25 (two Assistant Referees
paid by the coach)

Please remember that our referees are doing their best, and often they are kids who are trying to learn how to do everything properly. They might make mistakes, but they are the LAST WORD on the field. If you have a question about a call, it is best done with respect and during half time or at the end of the game, in a private moment with the referee.  If you need to discuss anything further about a referee, please contact our assigner:

Erich Shrewsbury
[email protected]
(248) 467-7846

* USSF = United States Soccer Federation


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